Sunday, June 2, 2013


Oh my, and now it's June.  Since I've started working at the school I find that May is a lost month,  one you can't catch as it zips by with it's seemingly unending lists of tasks.  But bit by bit they do get done....

The Advisory Group's Chesapeake Bay Quilt......done!

The Graduation slide show....done!  (The absolute final version was put on DVD this morning; yeah!)

Paul's final school exams and projects....done!  (Including writing and giving the closing argument in the mock trial of Poseidon vs. Odysseus.)

Planning for our trip to Italy and Switzerland....done!  (Good thing since we leave Friday!)

So this weekend we squeezed in some summertime fun.....

...a little golfing...

 ....the first visit to the pool....

 ...and the first dip in the pond, in this case to look for rocks that were blocking the fish cave (or so I was told).

But before the slower summer time pace hits us....well, at least I hope it will finally hit us...we have  a very busy week ahead of us. 

At the moment I'm thinking it might not have been the smartest thing to start our trip just two days after Paul gets out of school and about two hours after my last work obligation.  But I'm sure once I'm sitting at the airport Friday afternoon I'll be glad that it's all behind us and that we're on our way. Who knows, all the effort might make me tired enough to sleep on the plane! 

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