Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Getting Things Done

It's been hot and sticky this week and Paul has been in golf camp each morning, so it's been a good time to get things done.  Cleaning the living room, sorting through the book shelves to find books we're ready to part with, taking bags of clothes off to Good Will, organizing digital photographs ---these aren't exciting things but they are quite satisfying.   

The fenced garden behind the sheds needed watering the other day and since there is no faucet by the  shed I had to find a long hose and fasten it to the main hose which runs off the spigot by the deck.  I wanted to keep that hose handy but there was no place to hang it, so it ended up thrown down in front of the shed door while I figured out what to do about this problem.  I didn't want to buy anything, so that meant "making do," something I'm not so good at.   

But today I set out to solve this problem and I found a piece of wood and nailed it across one of the garden posts, providing a hanging bar for the hose.  

For the moment it's working great. Yeah! And I didn't even have to go to the store!

While I was by the garden I admired how nice the raised beds looked after all the weeding and planting Ben and I did these past few weeks.  The white "flower" on the left is actually the flowers of a carrot that we forgot about last summer and let overwinter.

There are several blooming dahlias and I took a couple of photographs which turned out nicely.   

One of my summer goals is to learn how to use my wonderful Canon Powershot 100 in more than just the "auto" mode.  I was pleased to see that someone has come out with a book on this subject; last time I looked there wasn't one.  

I was going to do some experimenting with the manual settings, but I got distracted and instead did some quilting on this little piece, which I started years ago as a runner for our coffee table.  

Well, doing some quilting is another one of my summer goals, so that was okay. Better than okay; it felt good to be at the sewing machine again.  

One of the benefits of getting things cleared out and better organized is running across things that I really like.  In the middle of deleting photographs from the 14,000+ I've taken since Paul was born ---my, I do take a lot of shots of the same scene; how many pictures of last year's Halloween pumpkins do I really need to keep forever? ---I found this great photo from a sail we took in Maine a few years ago.

 You can just about feel the wind and the gentle sun, and oh, how these boys are enjoying it!  

Well, something to look forward to, as we'll be in Maine again in about a month.  (Trying to get all the East Coast wonders in this year since we plan to be in Boulder this time next summer.)

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