Friday, July 12, 2013

Rainy Days

It's raining again!   Last night we had thunderstorms complete with dramatic lighting which woke us all up, and today we are having fairly steady rains that are promised to continue into the evening. 

I swear it has been raining since we got home three weeks ago.  And when it isn't raining we've had drenching humidity.  Last night I had golf lessons and while it didn't rain and it wasn't sunny, it sure was humid.  Everyone in the class was sweating like crazy and we weren't even walking the course, just standing at the driving range shooting balls.  

Well, there are good things about having so much rain.  Everything is nice and green and you sure don't have to do much watering.  And when the sun does come out, like last weekend,  it made me feel like dropping everything and running to the beach, which is only two or three hours away.  We didn't, but it was still a nice thought.  

 But this week we've back to gloomy days.  The water lily has apparently decided that it better not wait for the sun to come out to bloom and it's blooming away during today's rainstorms.  It was so odd that I ran to get Ben's camera.  It had our new 200mm lens on it, which I don't know how to use yet, but the photo still came out pretty well, I think. 

  And the weather means it's a good time to do indoor things like sewing.  Yesterday while I was quilting I noticed that the door to the fabric shelves was open.

 I gave it a push but it wouldn't close.  I figured some fabric was sticking out blocking the door, but when I went over to straighten it out, I was quite surprised to find Fetcher! 

"Yes, it's me," he seemed to say, "now go away and let me sleep."  

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