Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I Think It's Going to be a Good Day

Jean had her cardioversion procedure yesterday and it successfully got her heart to start beating in a regular rhythm.  Yeah!  This morning she is taking a stress test which we assume she will pass and, if so, she'll be discharged and sent home.  I drove down yesterday to see her and she was in good spirits and looking forward to getting unplugged from all the monitors and getting a nice hot shower at home.  

So that's all looking good.

Meanwhile, my niece Tamara had a baby boy yesterday, so I am once again a great aunt!  Congratulations Tamara and James!

Paul is off to his second day of the Smithsonian Environmental Research Camp on the West River where they are mixing fun activities like frog hunting with more serious activities like testing water for pollution.  "Mr. Responsibility" took over Paul's body this morning and he got up, showered, dressed, read, and packed up without much input from us, which sure was nice.   

A friend of mine called yesterday to fill me in on something tragic that had happened to someone very close to her.  It was a heartbreak of a story, but hearing it did leave me grateful for all the good things in my life.

So it's looking like a good day.

My first order of business is to finish the binding on the table runner I've been quilting.  I'm really looking forward to getting the completed piece on the coffee table; I think I started making it years ago.   Then I've got to catch up on cleaning --I don't think the upstairs has been vacuumed in a month -- and make some plans for a quick get-away for me and Ben while Paul is away at camp later this month.  After I pick the kids up from camp today we're heading to the swimming pool to escape the 95 degree heat that is promised for this afternoon. I'm meeting a friend there and we'll all eat at the snack bar, so it should be fun.

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