Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hot Outside?

We're having a little hot spell right now with temperatures in the mid 90's. 
 Today's weather is forecast as "Very hot and humid" and tomorrow will be "Very hot and very humid."  

Ben told me the old joke, "The Devil called and wants his weather back," which I thought was funny.  But I also liked this one, which I found online.

I needed a laugh because Jean is still in the hospital.  
Yesterday's stress test showed possible blockage in her arterial arteries and she is scheduled for more tests and possible treatment today. 
I'm going over to the hospital soon.

I did finish the quilt for our coffee table yesterday.  I think it looks quite nice!   


  1. not only does the quilt look nice but that rug is fantastic!
    Tell me about putting in other people's graphics in a blogpost. Apparently from all the blogs doing it, it's okay to post something someone else designed. I'm new and learning the ropes.

    1. The rug is from Garnet Hill. Don't think that particular one is for sale anymore but check out their other hooked rugs.


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