Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Memories Courtesy of iPhone 5s

Yesterday I finally downloaded my iPhone camera, the first time since we came back from our trip to Italy.  I was surprised and delighted to find that I had used it to take a series of pictures our first night in Rome. 

Since Rome was six hours ahead of "our time," by 6:00 PM we were ready to fall asleep for the night.  To avoid that, we had signed up for an evening tour of the Colosseum.  I took a lot of photos with my Canon, but when the battery ran out, switched to the iPhone camera. 

After the tour we piled into two taxis to go to a particular pizzeria recommended by the tour guide.

It was a wild ride, one where you just put your faith in the driver and hoped for the best as you zoomed down big avenues, up small winding roads, and then were deposited somewhere, climbing out of the cab to look around and see where you were.

Ah, there's the pizzeria sign.

 Although it was 10:00 by then it was very busy, with a chaotic jumble of people standing around waiting for tables.  It now being 4:00 AM "our time," I was past tired and couldn't deal with this crowd.  But for some reason Ben had energy and he took control, talking with the owner, getting us in the que, and patiently and creatively keeping us pulled together until a table came open.

It was worth the wait.  The crowd was Italian, not touristy, the pizza was wood fired and thin crusted, and the pasta was al dente and delicious.   

After dinner we walked back to the apartment, passing through the Piazza Navona, one of the sights on my "must see" list.  The boys bought flying lighted toys from the vendors, launching them up into the air where they looked very festive.

It was very late by then, and we were pleasantly exhausted after our first day in Rome as we strolled home through the beautiful streets.

I was so glad to find these photos.  I pulled them into the FX Photo Studio app, gave them frames and applied the "Atlantic Beach" effect, and they are a great memento of a special night.   

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