Monday, July 22, 2013


This is the big mess we faced Saturday afternoon when a huge branch off the maple tree came crashing down onto the pond.

True, it was a controlled crash, having been orchestrated by Ben.  Earlier that morning we realized that the limb had sheared off and was hung up in the treetop getting ready to fall.  We discussed hiring a tree guy to come out and bring it down, but while I was out mowing Ben climbed up on a tall ladder with his extender saw in hand and started sawing away at the thing.  Before I knew it, there was a crash and the pond and patio were full of branches and and leaves!  

What a mess!  But amazingly nothing was broken and no fish were lost. 

Cleaning it all up took a lot of hard work in the hot afternoon sun and we were so exhausted that we couldn't do much of anything on Sunday.

But this morning the pond looked good as new, and we are basking in the satisfaction of saving all the money we would have paid the tree man.  

Well, "saving" isn't exactly the right word; instead one might say that we "reprogrammed" the money, spending it instead on a wonderful evening out at Blacks Bar and Grill with John and Dawn Saturday night!    

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