Sunday, September 15, 2013

This and That

 I found this cute note on my computer when I came into work one morning this week.  I had given Kaylin a special bookmark and got her hooked on the  Maximum Ride series by James Patterson, so she's been very happy.  Love these kinds of surprises.

As you may imagine, Ben and I have been following the news stories about the flooding in Boulder, Colorado and the surrounding areas with special interest.  It's amazing to see how the pleasant Boulder Creek, the site of so many fun times during our visits.....

...turned into a roaring wall of water....

....that flooded the area streets.  (Photos from Denver Post and Boulder Daily Camera.)  A house we'd been eying in our Internet searches that was right near the creek sold recently and we wonder how it fared in the flooding.  Another house we had been interested in was advertised as having a "seasonal creek" in its backyard; guess we won't see that kind of feature highlighted in the future!  We had already ruled out living in the canyons as too high a fire risk;  now we'll take the Boulder City "flood plain" map more seriously as we continue our armchair searches.

As a step forward towards moving I cleaned our Paul's room and closet the other day, packing up bags of old toys, unneeded books, and outgrown clothes.  I got rid of a side table so there was room to move his bed out from the wall, making an aisle so we can get to anything that falls next to the wall as well as getting to that side of the bed to change his sheets.  Having the bed right up along the wall has been a big problem and I don't know why I didn't think of this solution before now!

We cleared out more brush along the driveway yesterday.  I sure do like the clean view we have now.

Last year it looked like this.  I think it's such a nice change.

This morning I noticed how pretty the coleus by our back door were blooming.

This photo was taken with my little Canon S100.

And this one was with Ben's amazing Nikon D800.

While I was shooting, Fetcher came along and wanted his picture taken. Sure, Kitty, anything for you!

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