Saturday, September 7, 2013

Unexpected Blessing

Yesterday the school dedicated its new Arts & Athletic Center, an air supported structure providing a much-needed large open space for activities such as sports, drama productions,  and recess during inclement weather.  The Center has taken a year to construct and yesterday was a happy one as the entire school joined together to celebrate the opening of the building.   There was was music, there were speeches, and there were prayers.

But then there was something else -- something unexpected.  At the end of the service the Bishop announced that she would conclude the festivities by sprinkling water on the students, the staff, the parents, and the building while saying a blessing.   

She got a bowl of water and some boughs of greens and flowers.... 

...and sure enough, she began moving through the building and the people, sprinkling water and bestowing blessings. 

Of course, the children were delighted.  

I thought it was a perfect way to end the celebration. 

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