Thursday, October 10, 2013

Shutdown: Day 10

Continuing to be Ridiculous

It is a windy, rainy day here, causing traffic problems all over the area in the morning rush hour.  Ben had to drive Paul way over to Falls Church, Virginia, for an orthodontist appointment and had a miserable time of it.  I had planned to buy some mums and pumpkins this morning but was happy to cocoon at home, safe and dry.  

In one of the calms during the storm I looked out the kitchen window and saw a herd of six deer grazing.  One was a little Bambi baby; can you see it peeking under the fence?  I wonder how they will fare this winter.  The tall one looking right at us is already quite skinny, with its ribs clearly visible.   I think our neighbor behind us puts out a salt lick; perhaps that will get them through.   

We are packing up for a long weekend trip out to Boulder where we will look at some houses, check out the high school, walk some neighborhoods, and visit with friends.  Should be fun! 

Ben and Paul just got home from Virginia.  They brought the mail up with them, including a confirmation that Ben's claim for Unemployment Compensation had been received.   Honestly, it does boggle the mind. 

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