Sunday, October 6, 2013

Shutdown: Day 6

Still Ridiculous

photo by John Fitzhugh for the Sun Herald 

We've had a hot and humid weekend which didn't do anything to put me in the mood for fall but was good for going out to eat crabs at Mike's Crab House on the South River Friday night.  We hadn't done that yet this year and we enjoyed participating once again in this Maryland tradition. 

We ran into an old colleague of mine from school and her four-year old son.  He was feeding bread to the ducks by the deck as his parents kept a watchful eye while enjoying their dinner, exactly like we used to do with Paul when we'd take him to Mike's years ago.

It's always so nice to eat by the water when the sun is about to set.

On Saturday my SIL, Dawn, and I went shopping and then to the movies to see Gravity.  We had talked about going but hadn't picked out a theater, so when we happened to end up at Columbia Mall which has an IMAX theater, we leaped at the chance to see this exciting movie in 3D on a really big screen.   It was so cool!  And what fun to see it with Dawn, who really reacts to what she sees on the screen.  There was certainly a lot to react to; it was one bad thing after another for the astronauts.

Saturday night we played Trivia at the local bar with our team, Generation Gap.  We've been playing fairly regularly for a few months now and our team often wins, mostly due to the fact that the head of the team is a serious player, going to at least two games a week.  We won last night, which is always fun,  and I even knew answers to some of the questions this time, which was a nice change.

Today I took Paul shopping for fall clothes and afterwards we made a special trip to Rita's for the last soft custard cone of the season.  See you next year, Rita's!

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