Friday, October 25, 2013


 I'm so glad it's Friday!  It was standardized testing week at school and as the Testing Coordinator I'm in the hot seat until all the tests are successfully concluded and the answer documents sent off for scoring by the testing company.  It was a stressful week and I'm not out of the hot seat quite yet, since there are the makeup tests to do and then the shipping out of everything, but at least the tests themselves are done, and that's a big relief.   This is my last year --Whooo!

The school's Halloween dance is tonight --actually right now -- and after this long week I stayed after to chaperon the decorating committee, of which Paul was a part.    I thought the balloons looked quite festive. 

Ben flew out to Boulder to be at the inspection on Wednesday, and we missed him.  He arrived back home late last night with the news that all is well with our new house.  He also brought back photos of the basement, which for some reason wasn't photographed for the MLS listing.  

Here you can see about two thirds of the big basement room that Paul will have.  In the hall outside his door there is a nice closet that could hold a minifridge and a microwave, but we've already decided we're not installing those luxuries;  we don't want Paul to get too comfy down here or we may never get  him out of his "teen heaven."  Ditto a TV; that is going to be in a TV/study on the first floor.

As with many parts of the house, the basement includes wonderful closet storage.

Here is the tiny bath, complete with shower, that is outside of Paul's room.  We're thinking about taking out the wall cupboard all together and replacing the "RV sink" (big enough to rinse out dishes) with a corner sink, both of which will make the bath seem bigger.  

Ben stayed with our good friends Ray and Paula and captured this lovely photograph from their patio.

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