Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Ben flew out to Boulder today to be at the inspection tomorrow of the house we are set to buy November 13.  We're assuming all will turn out well with the inspection, but really wanted one of us to be there to hear exactly what the inspector had to recommend.  Paul and I very much wanted to go with Ben but it was not to be; school does keep interfering with life.  So tonight while Ben was away we watched R.I.P.D. (Rest in Peace Department), on Amazon Instant Video, a preteen/teen movie starring Jeff Bridges and costarring Mary Louise Parker and Kevin Bacon.   It was fun to watch with Paul, but otherwise I wouldn't recommend it. 

However, my sister, Jean, and I went to the movies this afternoon to see Captain Phillips, which I do highly recommend.   My goodness, Tom Hanks is a great actor and the performances from the various actors who played the Somalian pirates were excellent as well. 

After Paul and I watched our movie this evening we played Farkle, a game Paul first discovered back in his cub scouting days and which he has recently rediscovered.    He has fantastic luck at Farkle and tonight was no different; he racked up 12,550 points to my pitiful 6,200 points.  It just isn't my game, though I do love to see Paul enjoying it. 

At school this week we have the achievement test, for which I am the testing coordinator, so it is a stressful work week for me.  Already I have made three big mistakes in preparing the test materials and arranging the test schedule.   I can't remember ever making this many mistakes, but then again, I've never  prepared for the test while I've worked part time and bought a house.   This is my last year overseeing this test, which is good, at least from my perspective! 

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