Sunday, November 10, 2013

Photo Worthy

Last night John and Dawn and the twins were over for a visit and we decided to have a special meal to celebrate buying our new house, which is scheduled for Wednesday morning.  Ben had suggested "a roast" and at Whole Foods I bought this luscious rib roast.  It was quite a splurge and I was nervous about cooking this expensive little beauty…..

….but with a little help from the master, Julia Child, via her book The Way to Cook,  I cooked it perfectly.

We like ours medium rare!

Hmm, so good.

Much of the weekend was spent clearing out "stuff" that we don't need or use anymore and don't want to take to Colorado.  We're trying to get this work done early so we can enjoy an uncluttered house for a while before we sell.  It's a lot of work and this wonderful dinner and visit was a pleasant diversion.

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