Thursday, November 7, 2013

Leaf Man

Look at this gorgeous sunset we had yesterday! 

I spent this morning cleaning out the little shed, a tiring but very rewarding job.  A few weeks ago I had started a little junk pile behind the big shed and it needed to be gone by tomorrow when my niece and her husband are coming to take the kayaks that are also back there.  So I called 1-800-Got-Junk and scheduled a pickup for this afternoon and then got busy making the pile even bigger.  Cleaning out the shed was like an archaeological dig, with each layer of stuff revealing earlier times in our life.  Way down at the bottom was a rusted out Coleman stove, last used way back in the late 80's.  Maybe we should have moved more often so we would have gotten rid of this old junk a long time ago.

As I was finishing up with the shed the weather was starting to turn a bit colder and quite breezy.  There was a prediction of a front making its way through ahead of some showers, so I decided to rake some leaves before the rain started.   Everything was covered with leaves, making the prettiest effects.  (I'm so glad we put a net over the pond this year!)

When Ben came home from taking Paul to the orthodontist, he tackled the leaves up on the roof.  

Our last leaf season here; I wonder if we'll miss it. 

He certainly looks confident and capable up there, doesn't he?  My Leaf Man.

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