Tuesday, November 19, 2013

This and That

Today I caught up on the more recent episodes of Parenthood while I sewed the binding on the this beautiful fall table runner.  I'm so pleased with it!  I started it, oh, so long ago with my friend, LeeAnna, back in the day when I was doing a lot of quilting.  I completed the top but then got distracted by other things that kept me from finishing the project up. When I came across it earlier this year it was like seeing an old friend again.

The back is made of pieces of leaf fabrics sewn together.

A colleague at school surprised me with the gift of this wonderful infinity scarf which she knitted just for me so I would remember her when I wore it.  Ah....so nice of her!  You can wrap it three times around your neck for a very warm muffler to wear outdoors.....

...or wrap it more loosely to wear indoors.

Isn't this a cute craft for kids to make on Thanksgiving?  It's just Rice Krispie treats cut out around the child's hand and then decorated.  Not sure that the three boys coming to our house on Thanksgiving would like to make these since they seem more interested in running around outside shooting air soft guns, but it does look fun.  

We are dreaming of our new house, and more and more I'm dreaming of all the closets!  Somewhere along the way a carpenter was in that house and built cabinets and shelves where ever he/she found space.  This photo of the living room includes a glimpse of one of the three closets in the downstairs hallway; these are in addition to the ones in the bedrooms on this floor.

And upstairs, which is taken by the master bedroom suite, the entire hall is lined with closets; three of them to be exact.  There's also another big one in the bedroom, as shown in this photo which Ben brought home from his visit  to the house last week.  

What a wealth of closets!  Currently I have one about half the size of what is shown below.  And if you think that's bad, you can feel really sorry for Ben and Paul who share one the same size.  It's going to be heaven having so much more closet space in our new house.   

Ben also brought home this funny photo from Boulder.  Apparently it refers to a coffee shop named Mary which moved somewhere out of town, but Paul and I thought it was very funny to see my name on the brick wall. 

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