Monday, December 30, 2013

Enough for All

Our Boulder house as three floors.  The basement contains Paul's big room (with plenty of space for his friends to come stay), a bath, laundry room/mud room, the garage, and lots of storage space.  The top floor is the master suite containing the "sacred architecture" bedroom, the bath, four big closets and the two balconies.  The ground floor has the living areas (entry, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and deck) AND two bedrooms which are going to be used as offices and guest spaces.  

This one is mine!  It's basically a big rectangle with some great windows and closets.  This is the real estate photo, which, of course, makes it look bigger than it is. 

But it does measure at 15'x13' which is much larger than my current sewing room.  And my current room is also "laundry central" with the closets taken up by the washing machine and dryer and counter space being used for organizing and folding clothes.   So this is a lot more space for me.

The carpet is coming out in the next couple of months and the hardwood floors underneath will be refinished.  I have three major pieces to fit in here:  my sewing table/desk, my cutting table, and a daybed.  I also want to tuck in two Ikea Billy bookcases, my Mom's little chair, a printer and a scanner, and a small TV/DVD combo.

After spending several hours in this room measuring and thinking, I have come up with several floor plans that should work nicely.  They all contain room for Paul or Ben to hang out with me, if they decide to drop by for a visit.

My new space has great closets to house my sewing, photography, and computer supplies with hanging space left over for guests (I mean their clothes, not them!).  

In addition to the more typical closet (the doors of which are currently in the shed) there is this built-in beauty.


The second room is basically a 12x12" square and it is going to be Ben's office and also guest space.  It will also have hardwood floors and will house a good size desk and printer table, a bookcase, and a Queen size American Leather sleeper sofa.  There is room in the basement for Ben's climbing equipment, conveniently near the garage entrance, so it doesn't have to go in his office unless he wants to keep it here.  

Here's the realtor's photo….

…and here's one of ours showing the wall where the sofa will go.  Isn't it odd how our photos make the room look smaller?  Well, the sofa definitely will fit on this wall regardless of how short the wall looks in the picture.  

Ben's room also has a great closet; this is one half of it.  

Both we and our guests will enjoy the full bath right across the hall.  

So not only is there space for Paul, Ben, and me, there is space for you! 

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