Sunday, December 29, 2013

Holiday Fun

I have a little list of things I want to do in the DC area before we move and one of them was to see the holiday light show at Brookside Gardens.  The weather last night was perfect for an outdoor stroll among the lights so off we went, taking Paul's friends Alex and Tommy with us. 

The lights were rather amazing, not just numerous and pretty but creative and fun.  Check out this spiderweb….

…this raincloud (with rainbow above it)...

…and very cool Loch Ness monster. 

The Butterfly Pavilion had no butterflies this time of the year but did have a wonderful train display.  Usually holiday train displays have plenty of fake snow, but since this one had to coexist with the Garden displays, it was nestled in among the conservatory plants. 

Can you see the plant labels in the photo below?  

I was delighted to find a display of nature-related quilts in the hallways outside the gift shop.  I loved this one by Diane Garrison called "Grandmother's Compost."  

Otherwise, we had a leisurely Saturday at home.  I framed some prints I bought in Boulder...

….Ben cleverly fixed the mailbox which had been knocked off its post by a car...

… Fetcher was impossibly cute...

…and Paul played with his XBox, his friends, and his cat with occasional visits to the non-holiday world of studying and homework.

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