Sunday, December 1, 2013

First Day of Advent

I had this notion that Paul and I would start going through the Christmas decorations this weekend, sorting out what we'll use this year, packing up what we won't use but want to take to Colorado, and boxing up the rest for Goodwill.  I even dreamed that we'd get the Thanksgiving decorations down and at least some of the Christmas ones up.  After all, we  leave for Colorado in just eighteen days, and it would be good to enjoy the holiday decorations for a while before we go.

Ah, well, one can dream.  Every time I looked at the mantle or the kitchen ledge or the shelf in the entry way, all nicely decorated with reminders to Give Thanks, I was reminded of our lovely holiday and felt happy.  I really wasn't ready to move on quite yet.

But then in a flurry of activity we took down the autumn leaf lights around the entry and put up some colorful holiday lights, threw the pumpkins into the compost heap, and got rid of the chrysanthemums.  The new lights were pretty and we were satisfied for the moment.

It was just a start but it was enough to build some anticipation of the wonders to come.  And, after all, that is what the season of Advent, which started today, is all about.

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