Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday Stuff Sacks

Shh….don't tell, but I got Ben and Paul some presents which I'm taking out with us to Colorado on Thursday.  About the only things we'll have in our house out there is a card table and three folding chairs which Ben bought when he was out in November, and two brand new mattresses which are being delivered the day we arrive.   My gifts have something to do with those mattresses….something to do with sleeping so comfortably in our new house; I can't tell since Ben reads this blog regularly, but maybe you can quess.

We're flying Southwest, one of the last airlines to give you two pieces of checked luggage without charge, so we're stuffing duffel bags full of bedding and other household items.  My gifts are the first to go in those duffels, and I wanted to put them in some festive holiday stuff sacks.  This afternoon Paul had two friends over to play Air Soft gun wars and I used the time to sew.  

Making the sacks was a bit tricky since I had just scraps to work with, some of which were strip piecing that Paul had done a few years ago. Ah, such sweet memories of him sewing with me.

If I'd had enough fabric I could have just made pillowcases and used them for stuff sacks, but I didn't.  So I made do.  It was cool to use Paul's own strip piecing in his sacks.  Aren't the kitties cute?

I also had just a few inches of holiday ribbons to use for the ties on the sacks.

It was fun to work with Christmas fabric.  A simple project can be so satisfying and so soothingly during the busy days leading up to Christmas.

The two fabrics shown above were ones that we found in my mothers stash when we cleared out her house.  I do love "finding" people as I go through my own stash of fabrics, ribbons, and other supplies.  Hi, Mom. Yes, I'll tell Paul you love him.

And after two hours I had two sacks done, just enough for Paul's gifts.

With any luck, I'll get Ben's done before it's time to pack up for our trip.  It's getting crazy around here, so I'll have to make it happen, but it will be a gift to myself as well as to Ben.

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