Monday, January 27, 2014


 It was Story Time Monday today.  This year we start off with a cute and well behaved three-year old class, follow with two challenging four-year old classes, and then, after being open for lunch and recess to the Middle Schoolers, wrap up with three of the most attentive Kindergarten classes you would ever want to teach.  A dream schedule; so enjoyable.

The topic of the day was "babies," I think because my aide will become a grandmother for first time in March and I had babies on my brain this morning.  (I love that I can be so spontaneous in my reading choices!) I read Everywhere Babies by Susan Meyers with pictures by Marla Frazee.  What a cute celebration of babies!  And so effective with its use of repetition, every page starting with "Everywhere, everyday, babies…"  This is one of the pictures from the page that starts "Everywhere, everyday, babies are fed…"  and illustrates the phrase "…with breasts…"   You gotta love that the little kids didn't even think to snicker at the word "breast"!

I'd have more scans of this book if I hadn't given it to one of kids to check out after I'd read it to the last class.  But aren't they cute, sitting and looking at it with their friend?  Oh, I will miss Storytime Mondays!

And the Kindergarten classes also heard Mail Harry to the Moon by Robie Harris and Michael Emberley.  A very funny story for big brothers and sisters who aren't so sure sure that having a  baby around the house is such a great thing (spoiler alert; happy realization in the end). 

This is Ben's last week at work!!  He is so excited!  He's been cleaning out his office and look what he brought home today; a cup from Y2K.   Remember how the computer world was going to come to an end back then?  No wonder people don't believe in Global Warming.

There's exciting news from our Boulder house.  The carpet will soon be taken up and the wood floors refinished on the first floor!   And we've decided to go ahead and redo the master bath in conjunction with having the carpet taken out upstairs and hardwood floors installed.  

Soon we'll bid goodbye to our 80's bath with its sunken tub/shower and hallway entrance...  

…and say hello to our 21st century bath with its two person luxury shower and entrance directly from the bedroom. 

Things are happening and we're excited!

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