Friday, January 24, 2014

Another Cold Day

 Today marks the first day Paul has been in school in a week.  Last Friday was parent/teacher conference day,  Monday was the holiday, Tuesday and Wednesday were snow days, and yesterday  Paul had doctor's appointments all day.  Today he is back at school but we have a two hour delayed arrival day due to the cold weather.  Our thermometer again says 15 degrees but then the wind hits and you get a quick lesson in what "wind chill factor" means!

The pond still hasn't frozen over despite Paul and his friends mounding snow up on the waterfall the other day.  The water runs under the thin sheet of ice shown in the photo and is very pretty.  

The birds are going crazy at the bird feeders.  I see the deer grazing in the woods but I don't feed them.

Ben and I have bad colds and I spend a lot of time and energy sneezing.  Paul got his braces taken off yesterday and is trying to get used to his new retainers.  Needless to say, we aren't running at full speed.

Yesterday I mustered up the energy to clean out the bathroom closet upstairs; oh my!  Lots of useless old stuff had to  be thrown out and some mysteries found.   I wonder why we bought so much Irish Spring soap?  Can we possibly use it before we move?  Will Goodwill take it?

I was astounded to find that I had managed to buy five boxes of vacuum bags! And the sad thing is that I bought one just last weekend.  Clearly our inventory management system needs revision!

And when I took everything out of the closet I found these holes on the back wall.  Were they put there when the new thermostat was installed?  Well, no matter, they must be fixed.  Glad to find them now and not later.

For fun I downloaded the TimerCam app on my iPhone after reading about it on Elise's blog the other day.   Pretty cool!


  1. You have a brother in law that loves Irish Spring......soap.....tee hee.

  2. That soap could be donated to foster care homes, or to women's shelters, or probably better yet there are churches that host homeless on a rotating basis.
    The selfie is great, good for you to harness technology


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