Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy Birthday, John and Michael!

On Tuesday my nephews, John and Michael, will turn eleven.  We celebrated last night with laser tag and ice cream cake.  Paul wants to know if you all see him photo-bomb the photo?
I remember the time around their births well. Dawn had been on bed rest for weeks, laying uncomfortably on the chaise lounge in her bedroom passing the time by reading romance novels and using her stethoscope to monitor the babies' location and heartbeats, a nice perk of being an OBGyn doctor.   Another perk was that she got to hand-pick the delivery team for the C-section.  I thought her reasons for choosing a C-section was funny: "I've seen enough labor; I don't plan to go through it myself!"  She also chose the delivery date, so my little quilt had not only the babies names but their birthday.   It was exciting that John and Dawn were going to become parents and Paul would have cousins living nearby.

Here's Dawn and me, beaming with happiness at the memory of the miracles that made us moms.

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