Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Two Weeks and Two Days

I received this invitation from Ben's office the other day and I thought, Oh My Gosh, he's retiring in a little more than two weeks!  Time does rush by!

Please come join us in celebrating the fantastic career of
Benjamin Mealey

After 28 years of civil service at the Library of Congress, Ben has decided to retire.  His luncheon will take place January 29th from 11:00am – 1pm at Hunan Dynasty (215 Pennsylvania Ave., SE)

Ben started his career at the Library in 1978, as a librarian with CRS.  In 1981, Ben decided he wanted to explore the world a little, and briefly left the Library, only to return in 1985, realizing it's the best place on Earth to work.  He did manage to further his education in Computer Science while he went AWOL from LOC, and took on an unsatisfying job at Computer Science Corporation for a brief stint before returning to the Library.  Upon his return, now armed and dangerous, he worked as a programmer with the Cataloging Distribution Service, making CD-ROM book catalogues, which were all the rage before Al Gore invented the Internet.  In 1995, Ben transferred to ITS, working in application programming, and in 2000 he joined the storage team. Ever since, Ben has been working diligently to keep the ever-exploding storage and backup infrastructure intact.

This is a great assessment of Ben's career.  Just shows what you can do with a Philosophy major and additional courses in computer science and a lot of curiosity and work, at least back when Ben was starting out.

I love the photo, don't you? 

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  1. I love this! What a great tribute! Which building is is office in? My dad's first office was in the original building and then he moved to the Madison building where he was until he retired in 1991. Congratulations, Ben!!!


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