Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Busy Week

Our friends who have a new beach house took some the furniture we won't need in our Colorado home.  Fetcher, of course, had to oversee the process of packing it into their pickup truck.

Fetcher loves trucks and can usually be found on the dashboard of any visiting work truck or pickup truck.

I expected to feel sentimental as the furniture left the house, but I didn't.  Been there, done that, let's move on.  Not heartless, just ready to make room for what comes next!

Had a busy few days at school as we celebrated the end of 100 Days of Reading.  My job was to organize the award giving, working with the teachers to create the list of recipients and buying the actual awards which included pencils and bookmarks, about forty gift cards of varying amounts, and four Kindle Fire devices.  The main event was a game of Jeopardy using questions from five books.  This turned out to be very stressful since the PowerPoint Jeopardy we were using kept having problems and at the last minute the mouse decided to quit working.  Thank heavens for plan B which involved just paper and a document camera.

I was too busy to take pictures but found this photo on the school web site.  That's me behind Team Green and I'm smiling! Clearly the photo was taken before the mouse went kaput.  Actually, I did smile a lot even through the technical problems.  The kids were so excited and that always makes things worthwhile.

Yesterday the library was the scene of a baby shower, which was fun.  Aren't the decorations pretty?  I didn't make or plan them; just helped put them up and enjoy the festivities. 

I finished the last of my sewing projects before I start packing up my sewing room and staging it as a bedroom for prospective buyers.   This strip pieced, quilt-as-you-go table runner is for my sister to go in her newly decorated dining room.  Aren't the fabrics luscious?

This wonky log cabin runner with a more modern feel is going to a colleague at work as a thank you gift for a scarf she knitted for me.

It was fun to work with such different styles of fabrics and quilts. 

In a few minutes I'm getting the first of several estimates related to the cost of actually moving our furniture to Colorado.  That's the big tick for the next two weeks --deciding on a plan for the actual move.  


  1. The runners are gorgeous! You've really expanded your horizons.

  2. I love that wonky log cabin!! The colors, the fabric repeats and line are all so fun. I want to make one now!
    Of course I don't have a clear table top to put one on,
    LeeAnna Paylor
    Not Afraid of Color!


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