Sunday, March 2, 2014

And Suddenly It's March

We are in the path of a big snowstorm predicted to hit tonight and continue all day tomorrow.  The funny thing is that almost a year ago a big storm was expected and everything shut down in anticipation of it and then it turned out to be all rain, so you never know.  

Still, I'll go fetch the snow shovels from the shed where I put them earlier this week thinking we were heading into spring, and Ben is bringing home extra firewood.  I think I'm the only person around here who still enjoys the snow.  Most people are tired of it but I love how pretty it is and don't mind the extra time at home. 

We have a lot on our minds at the moment what with plugging away at the "get the house ready to sell" list, gathering information so we can make a good decision about how the actual move will take place, pulling together paperwork for our 2013 tax return, and making decisions about work at our Boulder home.   

So it felt good yesterday to decide on one thing; where to keep all these boxes we've packed. We had moved some to a friend's basement but decided the convenience of ready access to a storage unit was worth the cost and effort.  It felt good to decide and do! 

The other big tick of the day was clearing out the lower attic.  It's one of those spaces where you can't stand upright but just hunch over, so it was tiring but rewarding to get the remaining boxes out of there.   And, as a bonus, I found the long-lost covers to my two sewing machines!  They are used when I take the machines somewhere and I apparently tucked them in the attic one day to get them out of the way.  I was very glad to see the since I really need them to move them safely out to Colorado.   

Last night John and Dawn and their boys came over for dinner, which we all enjoyed. 
 I took a few pictures.

 No more photos, please!

Ben and Johnny went out to Boulder this week and came back with samples of the tile for our new master bathroom.  Pretty, yes?  The wood shows the finish on the cabinets.  The job now is to decide where each tile would be used; what goes in the shower, on the floor, on the walls.  Decisions, decisions!  Ignore the carpet; it will be gone soon, replaced by hardwood.   

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  1. O my gosh Mary, you really ARE going through it! When I have more time I'll read back to see why you are moving, but in the meantime, HANG IN THERE!


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