Sunday, February 9, 2014

Color it Green

Friday was the middle school ski trip, part of the school's outdoor education program.  Snowboarding and ski lessons are offered at a reasonable price and it's a good opportunity to try out or practice a winter sport.  Having tried skiing in the past, Paul decided to sign up for snowboarding and was looking forward to giving it a try.

As one of the school faculty my job was to act as a chaperon, helping students find their way to the equipment rental location and then out to the lesson meeting points.   After that I was free to roam the grounds taking photos for the yearbook and generally enjoying the scene.  It was a gorgeous winter day with bright blue skies, crisp white snow, a mild breeze and just the right temperature.  

Then I got the call that parents hate to get; Paul had broken his arm.  The rest of the day and the next morning was spent getting his arm x-rayed, seen by a doctor, and put in a proper cast.

Thankfully, it was a simple break and on his left (non dominant) arm.

And the cast is Paul's favorite color --green!  

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