Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Brand New Floors

While we've been busy here sorting out and packing what we'll move and generally getting ready to  put the house on the market the first of March, changes are afoot in our Boulder house.  The first big project was finished yesterday; refinishing the hardwood floors that had been covered by carpet.  The results are amazing! 

 Here is one of the two offices as we saw it in December. 

Here is a photo looking into that room from the hall showing the beautiful refinished floors.  

Here's the other office with the old carpet...

…and here is the newly revealed and finished floors. 

I particularly like the hallway.  Here's the "before"…..

…and here's the "after." I love the contrast of the white woodwork against the golden wood. 

 In case you're wondering, the floors are #1 White Oak with some quarter-sawn white oak thrown in.  Aren't they pretty?

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