Saturday, March 8, 2014

Almost There

We meet with the realtor Tuesday to list our house, so the past few days have been a burst of activity to get it ready to go on the market.  We're checking things off our "to do" like crazy and are feeling pretty darn good about it.  I moved all the fabric out of my sewing room and the shelves are now bare.  I quite like the new look but it comes at a high price; I can't do anything in that room except sit and admire the uncluttered emptiness.  

See the big plastic tub in this photo? I moved a lot of my fabric into three tubs like this and there it will stay for a few months.  Never fear; I kept the crocheting materials out in case I just had to do something with my hands!

It was a beautiful day with more good weather promised for the next few days.  We got the porches swept off and the deck/patio furniture out again.  Oh, so nice to sit outside!  I was surprised to see these bulbs poking their way upwards.  

Three of our Koi had backed out of the fish cave enough so we could see their big tails swishing back and forth.  It won't be long before spring is here.  I do hope we have an early one so we can enjoy the outside of our house before we leave the first of June.

Last night Ben & I watched Enough Said, James Gandolfini's last movie.  The interaction between him and Julia Louis-Dryfus was fun to watch and the California scenery, homes, and beautiful weather provides some much-welcome eye candy.  With Paul we are now watching 1776, required for Social Studies at school, and surprisingly interesting and entertaining.  

To celebrate our accomplishments, Ben and I had some "bubbly" out on the screened porch tonight.  I'm really glad that we have found a wonderful house in Boulder already; I think it would be very hard to be getting ready to move if we didn't have a concrete idea of what was awaiting for us.


  1. Veuve Cliquot--you have good taste! We celebrated with champagne also last week but ours didn't taste very good, I think it had turned. Bleagh! Congratulations~ let the adventure begin!


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