Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Feeling Great in the Caribbean

It's another beautiful sunny, breezy day in St. John.  If the fact that I'm here wasn't enough, there are three reasons for me to be feeling great. 

First, John and Dawn and the twins arrived Monday and the party is well under way.  

Second, although I somehow hurt my leg snorkeling on Monday -- strained quad? -- and I'm hobbling around instead of walking naturally, a heavy dose of Nuprin and frequent applications of cold packs resulted in my being able to snorkel again yesterday.  

Oh, and I was so glad because we saw not one but four skates (or were they rays; hard for us to know) who appeared to be feeding on the bottom in a little pack.  And we saw a huge school of bright yellow fish about 6 inches large and another big school of silvery small fish (minnows?) and were able to swim right through both schools.  Such a cool experience which made me so happy that I had to take a smiling selfie once I got back to the beach.   Today we are going out on a boat to two snorkeling sites with a knowledgeable captain who might be able to tell us the names of the fish we see.      

Third, in the evening we signed a sales contract for our house!!  We had received an offer in the morning which, for various reasons, I didn't have a great feeling about.  Even so, we thought we'd take it because, after all, it's only seven weeks until we move out.  But later in the day we received a great offer from a couple who clearly were very excited about the house, met our price plus a bit more, and even included an escalation clause; I didn't think houses in our county ever got those anymore!   They also offered generous "rent back" terms so we could close in mid May and move in early June.  Ben & I had a great feeling about this offer and signed the contract under the beautiful Caribbean moonlight.    


  1. Congratulations on the house! And a beautiful night for signing the contract.

  2. Congratulations! That's a welcome relief. Now you can exhale. Great photos, as always.


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