Thursday, April 17, 2014

Two Wonderful Days in St. John

Yesterday we chartered a boat with Flyaway Charters and a leathery skinned laid-back Captain took us to three snorkel sites -- Kittle Bay, La Duc Island, and Hansen Bay Beach,  each more wonderful than the last.   Can you tell that we had fun?

Unfortunately, no underwater photos but if you have a minute you can check out some great photos taken by local photographer Barb Crites here.    

I love this picture of Paul. 

Today John and Ben and Dawn when into Cruz Bay to shop while I hung out with the kids in the villa taxing the Internet, reading by the pool, and listening to the wind howl through the trees when two squalls blew through.  The rest helped my hurt muscle and I was thrilled that I could walk downstairs and put in a load of wash.  Oh, how being injured makes us appreciate the little things. 

Later I drove the treacherously steep road to the east end of the island so Dawn and I could shop at Sloop Jones, creator of hand painted clothing.   I found a great v-neck t-shirt and was very happy.  

I'm drinking Pina Coladas that John just made and anticipating a yummy dinner of grilled Rib eye steaks, pesto pasta, salad, and chocolate candy and champagne for dessert.  Pretty sweet!

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  1. Thrilled to get in a load of there's a thought I've never had. Looks like you're all having great fun.


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