Sunday, April 6, 2014

Happy People

The school's Wind Ensemble went down to Richmond on Friday to compete in a music festival, the Dixie Classic.   The Ensemble is the highest ranked band in the school and has always earned a Superior rating at the Dixie Classic.   Given all the snow days that resulted in cancelled band rehearsals and a general feeling that many this of year's band members just weren't as serious as they could be, there was an uneasy feeling that perhaps this year the rating might only be an Excellent.  Nothing wrong with an Excellent, of course, but it would still be embarrassingly not a Superior.   

When the Ensemble played for the whole school before leaving on the bus Friday morning, I thought they were very good but not as good as bands of other years.  But once on stage down in Richmond some type of magic took place and they played with confidence and skill, and were, in fact, awarded a well-earned Superior rating.       

Paul sits first chair  of second flutes which places him in a high visible end seat, right in front of the tuba player.  He told me he was very nervous the whole time he was playing, but I couldn't tell.  I was proud of his poise and happy to hear him whooping for joy along with his classmates when the rating was announced! 

We stayed down in Richmond overnight and visited with my niece, Jennifer, and her family, which Paul and I both enjoyed.  Jennifer's children range from two to fifteen years old, so Paul had a lot of fun playing with them while I caught up with Jennifer and her husband. 

Here's another happy person.  Why is Ben so happy?  Not because we have a contract on the house; still waiting on that.  Not because the two tax issues vexing us have been resolved; no, still waiting on those.   Not because we're on Spring vacation; that's still a week away.  

I'll give you a clue.

Yes, Ben is happy because we went to lunch at Union Market where he had three types of oysters from Virginia waters.  Apparently they were quite good.  I wouldn't know since I don't eat oysters.  BUT I did eat something new --caviar! --  and it was delicious.

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