Thursday, April 3, 2014

Like Magic

Very little is happening with selling our house.  We haven't had a showing for over a week, though, to be fair, we did have a snowstorm and then a weekend of amazingly gloomy and heavy rain.

The other day a man in a truck belonging to a landscape and pond company drove up to see what the place looked like.  Wouldn't it be great if someone who worked for a landscape/pond company bought the place?  They'd have such fun and heaven knows the property could use a good landscaper.

Yesterday a man in a truck marked K-9 drove up and looked around and I had a vision of handsome German Shepherds running around the pasture.

Well, we'll see what this weekend brings.  I'm not concerned.  Someone will come along and fall in love with the place just like we did.

Meanwhile, things are clicking out in our Boulder House. The big tick this week was the installation of a new gas fireplace.  The old mechanism was so outdated that turning it on made us nervous.  The new one is efficient and actually produces heat to warm up the house.  Not only that but it looks more modern and stylish.  We're quite tickled.

We've finalized the plans for the new master bath and demolition of the old bath starts early next week.
We also decided on a new stove for the kitchen, selecting a dual fuel range, meaning it has a gas stove top and an electric oven.  This requires wiring a new electrical circuit, so that task was added to the list of other electrical and cable wiring we need.

We are able to move ahead in all these areas when we aren't even in Boulder because Ben's long-time rock climber friend, Susan, is the owner of Interior Motives, a design company in Boulder.  She is organizing the work of getting the house ready for us, doing everything from making sure we have enough electrical outlets for our computers to designing the tile design in the new bathroom.   We are so lucky to have the benefit of her creativity and hard work, as well as her contacts with stores and workmen.  It's kind of like magic how everything in the new house is coming together, and a lot of that magic is Susan's doing!

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