Saturday, May 17, 2014

Around Here

We're just three weeks away from moving!

The house is in an uproar from packing.  

I can't get this wonderful daybed from Arhaus off my mind.  Found it when I was out shopping with Dawn last weekend and think it will be great in my office.

The end-of-the-school-year milestones are clicking by -- last Story Time,  8th grade breakfast,  the last tests of the year, spring concert,  first draft of the Graduation slide show --- one by one, we move towards the last day.  

We enjoyed a fabulous goodbye dinner party a friend hosted for us last night.  Great company and great food; a lovely night.

I finally saw the orthopedic doctor about my leg pain.  The good news is that I don't have bone cancer (!); the bad news is that she suspects a stress fracture and sent me off for an MRI.   Being claustrophobic, this was not fun.  Luckily, the top of my head stuck out of the tube so I could at least see the ceiling and reach my hand back to my sweet Ben, who stood holding it for the twenty minutes it took to get the scans.   Don't get the results for another week.

We leave very early tomorrow to drop Paul off at the airport for his class trip to Disney World and then continue on for a three-day drive to Boulder.  Anticipating a nice visit in Columbus, Ohio, with  my family and a special dinner Wednesday to celebrate Ben's birthday and, I hope, the closing on our house.  Lots to do today to get ready!


  1. Bad timing to have a stress fracture! Love that daybed, they are so cool- especially when placed like shown in the photo. Enjoy your last days with friends. We close on our house around the 25th of June, so we'll be working hard moving in also. (Can't wait to get out of this apartment!!!)

  2. the daybed!!! Gotta get that! Stress fracture? I had one in my foot and it took a long time to heal. Got it dancing at least!


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