Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Big Milestone

 The closing on our house is in a week.  The buyer was out here over the weekend for two hours learning all about how everything works; the fans, the pond, the Nest, etc.  They are clearly excited about owning the property and the house, and our agent has gone ahead and posted a Sold sign.

Since Ben and I will be driving across Kansas when the closing takes place, we did all our signing today.   I felt a bit sentimental when we signed over the deed.  We've loved living here and have so many good memories of family picnics, gangs of young boys running around the field, dogs chasing the deer, exciting home renovation projects and other fun times.  Ah, but things change and I'm okay with changing as well.  I can hardly wait to be in Boulder making new memories.

In case you're wondering, the lawyer hangs onto the deed and adds the date of the final closing when it is completed.  If it's not completed for some reason, he never releases the signed paperwork.  If all goes as planned, however, he will date it and release it next Tuesday, the money will be wired to our bank, and Ben's birthday next Wednesday will be a festive occasion indeed!

Spikey seems to know that something is up.  He's quite alert in his cage and becomes even more alert when I take him out for a sunbath on the hot afternoons we've been having.  Yesterday he suddenly realized that there were plants all around and galloped over to a violet and ripped and chomped on its leaves.  Made me realize that cutting up his greens into a dish does not replicate the way he would eat them in the wild.  

Early Sunday morning he's going to get popped into a small soft carrier and begin his three day car ride out to Colorado.   We read that Bearded Dragons love to hang out on the dashboard of a car soaking up all the sun.  Now, that should be interesting!   (The red spot on his mouth is raspberry juice, not blood.  He loves raspberries.)


  1. Wow! That is awesome! So excited for all of you and this new chapter in your lives!!!! I am thankful we can stay in touch and I can see your new home through your blog!!!

  2. that dragon is just so cool, so prehistoric. Congrats on this step to Colorado and such a life changing move.

  3. It's all coming together! How exciting! And that SOLD sign in the yard is the best news of all. Done deal! Exhale! Have a safe trip.


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