Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Portrait

I love this Mother's Day portrait that Ben took this morning.  Paul looks so confidently at the camera as he gives me a comforting hug.  I had just limped over to him, grimacing as I waited for my  morning dose of Ibuprofen to kick in and he instinctively pulled me towards him. 

This is such a tough time of the year in any case what with the end of the school year push for Paul and the creation of the graduation slide show for me.   And now Ben has a hernia (out patient surgery May 23) and I have my pulled muscle (doctor's appointment Wednesday), and, oh yes, and don't forget packing!  

The logistics of moving continue to be daunting, but we are taking them one by one and figuring them out.  For example, Fetcher is flying to Denver with me and Paul on June 6th and it turns out that we have to take him out of his carrier and hand carry him through security!  Oh, boy. 

We just keep telling ourselves that we'll get through the next three weeks and then it will be all over and seem like a dream.   

The house is filled with boxes and packing supplies and the yard is filled with foot high grass since the mower is broken (The Mowerman promised to have it fixed by Tuesday) so it is time for selective viewing.   Isn't this Iris beautiful?  Thanks to Ben's lens you'd never know it was surrounded by grass and weeds!



  1. Great photos, Mary! Both of em. Sorry you are all saddled with bummers right now, but in a few weeks this part will be over! Happy Mother's Day.

  2. awe, pretty pictures. Good luck with the doctors. LeeAnna

  3. Wow, a gorgeous photo! This is equivalent to taking the time to smell the roses as you go through the details of wrapping things up and moving.


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