Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Milestone

Paul's school ends with the eight grade.  Since there is no ninth grade, the 8th grade class, which has generally been together since Preschool days, splits up and heads off to many different high schools.  Because of this parting, the eight grade graduation is a big deal. 

Paul started at the school in first grade and I started working there the next year so tonight's graduation ceremony marked the end of a long association with the school and its students.  Even though the moving van is due tomorrow morning and we haven't quite packed up everything, we took time out to celebrate this important milestone for our family.  

I admit to having a few tears at the beginning when Paul and the other students marched in dressed in their caps and gowns.  My little baby!  How he has changed the past few years!  But when my movie featuring the eight graders started to play, I just smiled and smiled.  I do love making the graduation movie, and it's just one of the creative parts of my job that I will miss. 


  1. The fact that you took time out to have a goodbye lunch with me, knowing what a big night you had, made it even more special. I can't say good bye totally, just see ya' because you have been one of my longest friendships in MD and one of the deepest. That kind of friendship will survive a little thing like physical distance!! Here's to an uneventful move, to all your stuff getting to CO on time and intact, to the move being all you want it to be. I raise a glass of Reisling, cheers!

  2. You did an awesome job!!! I had tears watching it knowing our association (as parents) was ending and that it was your last movie! :-( I'll have to find a copy of it soon.


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