Saturday, May 31, 2014

Four More Days

 And suddenly, it's just four more days until the moving van comes.  I think we'll be ready.

Packing up is the physical side of being ready; then there's the emotional side.  

Yesterday was the last full day of school, so while there are half days most of next week, school is effectively over.   Colleagues are coming by the library to say goodbye and there was a nice party in my honor at a coworker's house after work yesterday.  

I'm meeting my wonderful library aide, Rhonda, this morning for a goodbye coffee, have my last appointment today with the hair dresser I've gone to all these years, and we're seeing John and Dawn and the twins for a movie and dinner and, I'm sure, a teary farewell  this afternoon.   Tomorrow Paul has his last flute lesson with his patient and talented teacher.  Monday we have a goodbye dinner with our friends who are the parents of Paul's good friends, Alex and Tommy.  Tuesday is Paul's graduation and I don't even want to think about Thursday when I give my wonderful sister a big farewell hug. 

Then there's the ongoing process of letting the house go, taking the time to stop and admire the last Rhododendron blooms; finding an old Pokemon tshirt of Paul's and remembering that phase of his life;  soaking up the privacy we have now on our deck surrounded by the peace and quiet afforded by our three and half acres.     

Goodbye, goodbye.....all this emotion mixed in with the sheer physical and logistical nature of moving and the excitement of being on the brink of a something wonderful and new is an amazing combination!


  1. I think I inadvertently blew my original comment away...anyway, new adventures and friendships await. All the best to your family in the new digs.

  2. You expressed some fine sentiments. A lovely wrapping up of a phase of your lives. Now, have a smooth and safe trip and I'll be eager for the blog from a new perspective.


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