Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Visit to Golden, Colorado

Doesn't this look fun?

It's tubing on Clear Creek in the heart of Golden, the first territorial capital of Colorado.  I drove over there yesterday to see an exhibit at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum and was surprised to find the creek filled with tubers and swimmers.   Boulder Creek is currently very high and rough and since it is quite rocky, tubing is a bit perilous.  Clear Creek apparently can be, especially the further away you get from town, but yesterday it looked idyllic. 

I went to Golden to see an exhibit of quilts by members of the Front Range Contemporary Quilters,  a very active group of art quilters in this area.  I hoped to come away with inspiration for doing some quilting of my own.  

I used to be a member of the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum and recently rejoined, and was glad to see that the facilities were in good shape and that there were many visitors to the exhibit.

I enjoyed seeing all the quilts, but Cosmic Currents by Dianna Vanderdoes got me all jazzed up to do some raw edge applique.  Here's a detail from her quilt; love the colors, the movement, and the stitching! 

It was a pretty day so after seeing the quilts I walked through the town, much of which is filled with touristy "old West" places to eat and shop.  But I enjoyed strolling through the Clear Creek History Park, a replica of a 19th century ranch, with cabins, a one-room school house, a blacksmith shop, and a farmyard, all very photogenic.  


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  1. Great to be inspired by an exhibit. Please report on the upcoming Japanese quilt show.


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