Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I was so happy today when Ben figured out a way to raise up the dorm fridge six inches....

...using these bed raisers we found at the local hardware store.

And I was happy when he hung my star mirror up in my studio.  I love that little mirror.

When the workmen installed a remote controlled motorized shade in the skylight window above our bed this afternoon, I was all smiles as I watched the bright sunlight fade away and felt the room begin to cool.

And when the van with our new refrigerator drove up, I was so glad that I opened the front door and did a happy dance to let them know they were at the right house. 

But the thing that's made me the happiest today was seeing my son's face when Dad said "Time for a driving lesson,"  turning a the few minutes before karate camp started this morning into an exciting time of learning something as grown up as how to drive a stick shift.

After a few false starts, he actually got the car to move ahead a few inches.  Go Paul!

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  1. Ah, learning to drive and getting your license. Such a major milestone.


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