Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy Birthday, Kathy!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister-in-law, Kathy Ison, who is celebrating 65 years of learning, loving, and living today. 

I've known her for 47 of those years, since she married my brother Jim when she was just 18. She's a great companion to Jim, the mother of five of my delightful nieces and nephews, and an amazing Grandmother.  If her loving spirit wasn't enough to endear her to me, she is also a woman of many talents and the master of many crafts.  After conquering sewing and doll making, she now focuses on digital photography and photo editing, most often using her beautiful photos of children and flowers. 

I'm blogging today on my iPad which has only my more recent photos loaded on it, but I post this 
image of some lovely coneflowers as a birthday offering to Kathy!

Paul and I left yesterday for a vacation trip back east and I'm writing this from my sister Jean's comfortable home in southern Maryland.  Our friend from our high school days, Janice, is also here, and this afternoon we will deliver Paul to the bus that will take him to karate camp in Virginia and Jean and I and Jan will drive to Cape May, N.J..  We all have a fun week ahead.

Ben is minding the home front and also has a fun week in store since the installation of our new custom made staircase is set for Thursday.  It will have forged metal newel posts with granite caps, copper balusters, and wood railings.  The newel posts were delivered the other day, complete with the craftsman's mark, a rose symbolizing the name of his shop, the Iron Rose Forge. I know the engineering and craftsman side of Ben is going to enjoy watching this all come together.

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  1. Welcome back!!!! :-) Hope Paul has a great time at camp and you in Cape May! John is dropping Ian off at soccer camp at Christchurch Episcopal School in Christchurch, VA. He's with his old team (Olney). He switched teams after we had made the plans for the camp, but they were happy to have him there! John and I are leaving for Frostburg tomorrow - we wouldn't leave until 6ish and would probably run into the storms they are calling for tonight. Zach, well, he has to work!!! He and Gambler will have some bonding time! LOL!!


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