Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy Birthday, Paul!

Paul turns 14 today! 

This picture was taken last Thursday when we brought an ice cream cake to the karate studio where he is volunteering as a day camp helper.   He doesn't like his photo taken nowadays, so this one may have to do.  

He was surprised yesterday with some fun gifts from his dog friend, Gus, and Gus's guardians, and is looking forward to his first laptop, due to arrive in the mail any day now (and for which he paid half the cost).  There will be another celebration in early August when he sees his East coast friends after he attends karate camp in Virginia next week. 

But today promises to be a laid-back birthday, with flute lesson, karate class, and time playing x-box using Mom and Dad's gift, a new TV (with no cable hookup!), for his monitor.  

I'm sorry Paul doesn't want his photo taken because I'd like to capture the excited happy look I see so often on his face since we've moved to Boulder.  And I wish I could record the contented humming I frequently hear coming from his teen heaven downstairs.  He seems to be liking it here just fine so far. 

 Happy Birthday to my funny, kind, and interesting son!     


  1. Happy Birthday. That cake looks mighty good.

  2. Happy Birthday, Paul!!! I hope you had a great day!!!!!


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