Friday, August 29, 2014

Around Here

Around here....

.....I found my Canon S120, which has been missing since my trip to Maryland in early August!  I didn't lose it; yeah for me!  It was hiding down in the bottom of my big black tote bag, which I had already checked a couple of times.  Gives you an idea of how small the S120 is or how distracted I can be sometimes.  

Looking through the photos on it, I was happy to find this photo of Jean and Janice on the patio of the Lobster House in Cape May.  Not a great photo but a great reminder of that fun night when we wandered all over looking for a restaurant without a huge line, only to end up late in the evening right back where we started, at the Lobster House.   It was only a half hour to closing and most everyone had cleared out, allowing us to enjoy a quiet and uncrowded, if late, dinner. 

 And this photo of Paul and his friends Bryan and Robbie.  Always so good to see them together and a reminder of how much fun Paul had with them and Alex and Tommy.

...We're on the second day of having a crew of guys in the house adding both vents and insulation to the attics.  Our house will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer once this work is done but honestly, I'm a bit sick of having workmen in the house!  Apart from the lack of privacy someone has to be home to supervise things, which isn't much fun.   I used my time on duty yesterday to make a design wall for my studio following this plan.  Basically you take a big sheet of Styrofoam insulation board and cover it with quilt batting, giving you a movable wall that is stiff enough to rest nicely against your wall without attaching it.  I'm satisfied with how it turned out and happy to have a way to put up my in-progress work.  

....We have a new addition to the kitchen, a sturdy cart to hold the espresso machine.  It had been taking up the whole counter next to the sink, and its good to have that counter space free. Since so much is going on by the big window now, I took out the shelving that used to be in the window.

Here's the old shelves; better now, yes?

...The first full week of school has finished up and Paul is still getting himself off in the mornings happily and coming home with lots to tell us.  The big news is that he is switching instruments in band, from flute to baritone saxophone.  I think it's funny that he started with one of the smallest instruments and now is playing one of the biggest.   Paul is quite excited about the change and also about the prospect of a band trip to Disney World in the spring.  I'm just happy that Paul is off to a happy start at school this year.  

...I'm off to the eye doctor for a checkup this morning.  Plan to get a pair of prescription sun glasses to better handle the bright, bright sun we have out here.  Yesterday the sun continued to shine brightly even while it was raining! 

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  1. That's a real enviable espresso machine. I have a teensy one but I LOVE it!


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