Monday, September 1, 2014

Farewell to Summer Boots

We've had a fun Labor Day weekend.  On Friday we went to dinner downtown with friends, on Saturday we had neighbors over to our house for dinner (the family with the kids Paul is walking with to school), and on Sunday we went to a friend's house to celebrate a birthday dinner.  All so much fun!

We thought we would have a quiet night at home tonight, but at 5:30 the woman across the street, who we had met once before, walked over and invited us to come to her house for drinks.  It turned out to be a very pleasant visit.  She was very interesting, had an amazing home, and a lively and cute wire haired Dachsund dog named Emily.  Emily immediately got Paul throwing her green chew bone to her and for the next hour or so they played together, with Paul throwing the toy over and over as she raced after it and jumped to catch it.  The two of them became quite good buddies while the adults visited over good wine and tasty snacks.

So much socializing and eating and drinking was offset by a long walk yesterday and a challenging hike today up on the Green Mountain West Ridge Trail behind Flagstaff Mountain.  The views up there were fabulous.

The last quarter mile was a steep uphill climb to the summit, which was tough on my poor torn hip muscle and knees but, as usual, the view from the top made it all worth while.

With Labor Day comes the unofficial end of summer.  After today I won't feel justified in exclaiming "Summer Boots!" whenever I spy a Boulder woman wearing boots.   When I first spotted this fashion trend, I was quite surprised as I had never seen people wearing boots on a hot summer day.  And I have to say the amazement hasn't worn off.  Here are a few examples.

Now that it is moving into fall and we are reaching for our jackets in the mornings and evenings, I guess we are out of Summer Boots and into just plain boots.   Goodbye summer!

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  1. All the wonders of retirement. Keep up the good work!


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