Friday, August 8, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

I'm so happy to be back home for my birthday! 

 I had a great vacation but I haven't been away from Ben for more than a few days for a long time --or maybe even never!-- and I missed him.

And I really missed being in Boulder.  Funny how I came to think of it as home after being here just six weeks.  When it was time to head back east I thought "But I just got here!"   

Still, I was glad to make the trip back and had a great time with my friends and with Paul's friends. 

My sweetie has planned a fun lobster dinner for tonight.  He had lobsters flown in from Maine to share with some friends and we just realized that they are alive!  Other times they've arrived cooked and chilled.  I can't tell what Ben expected but my job is to have fun and enjoy myself, and I plan to do just that, which means leaving the cooking to Ben, don't you think?  

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  1. Happy Birthday Love - glad you liked the lobsters. They were a lot of fun to do.



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