Sunday, August 10, 2014

Post-birthday Ramblings

My birthday dinner of Maine lobsters was a great success.  

Ben really outdid himself, ordering the live lobsters to be flown in from Maine, cooking all ten of them, inviting a fun group of friends and neighbors (well, hey, I guess those neighbors have now turned into friends!), and arranging for the requisite drinks, side dishes, and dessert; in short, planning and pulling off an evening which we all enjoyed.  Thank you, Ben! 

Raymond served as the bartender, making Mai Tai's for everyone and an extra one for me, since I was the birthday girl.  So good and so appreciated.

I feel so fortunate to have received birthday cards from all three of my siblings.  It is such a great thing that we all like each other and stay in touch.  And what a pleasure to receive various texts and Facebook messages throughout the day from friends back east.  Thanks, everyone!

When I went out for my hike this morning it was cool enough to wear a T shirt with  3/4 length sleeves.  The temperature has fallen throughout the day and now, at 4:00 PM, it is 70 degrees.  People walking by our house are wearing sweatshirt jackets and I've switched into long pants.

This may be the first wave of cooler temperatures that we're told hits about mid-August.  I hope so since Ben's brother and his family are coming to visit starting August 16 and are used to having air conditioning.  We were too, but have done fine without it since the summer night air here is usually so clean and cool.   I'm hoping we won't get a rogue hot spell just as they arrive!

Tuesday will mark four months since I tore my hip muscle snorkeling in St. John's.  It is definitely healing, though some days, like yesterday and today, it makes itself known in a big way.  Tuesday I go see a knee doctor to be sure that the knee pain I still have is actually related to the torn muscle and not some other problem that needs attention.   The good news is that when my hip or knee hurts, a walk usually helps.  Still, I'm looking forward to actually being healed!

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  1. Wow Mary, that's quite a birthday you had! Argh, hip issues...I gots 'em. I dislocated my hip dancing the "bump" at my daughter's wedding. Still bothers me from time to time. It's a good reminder to not try to keep up with the "young'uns!"


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