Saturday, August 23, 2014

Off to a Good Start

John and Dawn and their twin boys left this morning after visiting with us for the past week.  We had a good time visiting with them and showing them a few Colorado sights.  On Thursday we drove into the mountains to ride the Georgetown Loop, a narrow-gauge steam locomotive that connects the old mining towns of Georgetown and Silver Plume.  The towns are just two miles apart but there is a  640 foot elevation change between them.   Railroads couldn't travel on grades over 4% so it took three miles of track looping back and forth to make the climb between the towns.  It was an interesting and beautiful ride and we all enjoyed our day together.  

John and Dawn plan to move to Boulder when Dawn retires in a few years so I was glad that they took a real liking to the area.  They loved the relaxed pace, the low humidity, the friendly people, and the gorgeous mountains, so their planned move is off to a good start!

Paul wasn't with us since Thursday was Freshman Orientation at Boulder High.  He had a good time,  telling us that it was a "weird and crazy day," which I gather was fun.  

Things got even better that afternoon when he met a neighbor who is also a freshman.  We had heard that she lived just two doors down from us but her family had been away for quite a bit of the summer and we had missed meeting them.  But finally we all met and chatted and before you knew it Paul and Jessie had decided to walk to school together on Friday,  the first day of school, along with Jessie's older sister, who is a junior.  The time was set for 7:30, but on Friday morning Paul got a text changing it to 7:20.  I guess the girls were about as excited as Paul was and couldn't wait to get started!

As he hurried out the door, I pleaded for a "First Day of School" photo and managed to get this one, which certainly captured the "no time to focus" hurry of the moment!

Ben and I couldn't resist following Paul as he made his way down the street where he met the girls, keeping a very discrete distance as I got a few more photos.

Paul came home from school tired but cheerful.  High School appears to have gotten off to a pretty good start!

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