Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18: Guest Blogger

Today I am so pleased to have as my guest blogger, Dawn, my wonderful sister-in-law, who has traveled all the way from Virginia  to spend the week with us, along with her two boys, John and Michael,  and her husband, John. 
 No sooner had Dawn arrived than she made very good friends with Spikey. 
  Spikey loved her so much in return that he wanted to eat her up!  

Here is her story:

Dawn:  {Giggle}.  Spikey was running around on the floor enjoying raspberries given to him by Mary. She was finished giving him raspberries when all of a sudden he turned and made a beeline for my toes, which were painted the same color as the raspberries!  He made several attempts to eat my toes!   I laughed and laughed while Mary took photos.  I am happy to say I still have all my toes.  Spikey is one cool dude. 

Dawn: Today we went to Golden to see the historic town only to find that all the museums were closed.  No matter, we had a good time anyway.  We walked near Clear Creek but it was too cold to go tubing.  My twin boys, the loves of my life, sat down by the rocks and water and enjoyed the scenery.   Colorado sure is beautiful! 

Thank you, Dawn!  We hope to hear from you again!  

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