Thursday, September 11, 2014


It's rainy and chilly today with a high in the low 50's.  Tomorrow's forecast is for snow in the morning followed by rain with a high of 45.   You would think that an early winter was bearing down on us but, no, a beautiful sunny weekend is forecast with temps in the high 70's.  Boulder weather is certainly interesting! Still, the arrival of colder weather, even briefly, signals the coming of the fall season.

This poster has appeared in our neighborhood.  I think it's pretty alarmist:  "Anything weighing less than 100 pounds may be at risk."   Really?  A small child?  But still,  it's a bit scary when you have a cat that insists on going outside.  

Here's the intrepid one, hanging out on the garden gate.  

The good news is that he has been coming home each night.  He loves the fleece throw that we have added to our bed as the nights have chilled down, kneading it with his paws for several minutes before cuddling down into it.  

He looks very sweet, doesn't he?  Don't be deceived.  The last two days he has caught and eaten several mice, leaving the uneaten parts for us to find on the front walkway.  Fetcher looks like a nice kitty but he is actually a skilled killer.  I hope I can remember that if he is ever taken by an even bigger skilled killer like a mountain lion.

This sign was also in our neighborhood the other day.  Yes, there was a real bus you could enter to get an acupuncture treatment.  Yes, I passed on the opportunity.

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