Monday, September 8, 2014

"BookBooks" and Other Thoughts

Have you seen the ad for the new Ikea catalog promoting its wonderful features as a "BookBook"?  In addition to just being amusing, I liked it since it captured some of my recent thoughts about print and digital magazines and books.   Click here to take a look.

I find that I'm buying more books and magazines in print form nowadays, rather than having everything in digital form.  There is something quite relaxing about using a printed magazine that I don't find replicated in using a digital copy.  And while I still love using my Kindle at night for bedtime reading and appreciate the convenience of always having a book with me via the Kindle app on my iPhone, nowadays when I acquire a book, I find myself taking the time to decide which form I want to acquire it in-- printed, digital, or audio-- and making a conscious decision based on how I think I will use the particular book.  

This is a photo of Paul in the salon right before he had the tips of his hair dyed teal on Friday.  Try hard and you may be able to imagine the top two inches of his "fauxhawk" a bright blueish green color.  You'll have to use your imagination because he won't let me take a picture, not because he doesn't like his hair.  He loves his new hair color.  He's just in a phase where he likes to say "no" when he can get away with it.  I love this phase will pass quickly!

Ben and I went on a great little hike yesterday, a two mile out and back up behind Boulder Canyon following a creek which led down to a pretty stretch of a reservoir.   The return trip was a gentle but relentless uphill hike which we powered through nicely.   I think all this walking I've been doing is making me a stronger hiker.   Ben has been building up his already impressive hiking skills by hiking up Flagstaff most days and volunteering on a trail building team once a week.  Go Ben!

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  1. Life in Boulder seems to be agreeing with you all!


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